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We are a local gun shop located in Spokane Valley, Washington. We carry new and used firearms, ammunition and accessories.



So now you are ready to buy a suppressor or SBR? We are here to help, below you will find links to forms that you need as well as resources for finger printing and photos. We will help you through all of it. Our NFA catalog features the best-selling, highest quality products, such as Silencers and Short Barrel Rifles (SBR), from the most trusted manufacturers in the firearms / NFA industry at extremely competitive prices.


You will need to pick the supresor or SBR that you want from our website.

Create an account with ATF ATF Eforms

  (If you are filling out form 4 as a trust then you will need to download and fill out the resposible person form also.)

Get your two digital fingerprints cards and passport photo (we recomend)


Mail box Center

9116 E Sprague Ave

Spokane Valley, WA 99206

Return Policy: Confirm the suppressor that you want (IE caliber, size, weight, thread pitch) before ordering as there is a NO RETURN Policy on all suppressors.


Disclaimer: This process takes a while so be patient we will call you when ATF returns the forms to us. We have no control over when they are done.